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DAVID KING THORAIRAJAN, Founder and Executive Director of Ministry Of Empowerment (an International Life Coaching Company) is a renowned Motivational Speaker in Singapore. He won international awards-The Outstanding Young Persons (TOYP) International Award 2013 (based from US) and Duke Of Edinburg’s International Award 2013 (based from UK), and also national awards like Stars Of Shine National Award Winner (2010) & National Youth Achievement Award (Bronze and Silver, 2006-2007). David King is also an Author of “From Adversity To University” and Educator, Social Entrepreneur, WSQ Certified 'A.C.T.A' Trainer, N.L.P Certified Practitioner and most importantly, Personal Development and Life Coach (Parents & Youths & Youth-at-Risk). Currently he is also appointed as the Goodwill Ambassador of Family Life Centre.


His story of resilience has drawn marvelous inspiration around the world, and has been overwhelmingly broadcasted across numerous Singapore media channels every year, and sometimes multiple times, from 2008-2013.  Channel 5, Channel News Asia, The Straits Times, The New Paper, Today, CityNews, Tabla, Tamil Murasu, Lianhe Zaobao, Okto, 93.8Live Oli 96.8FM, he has been featured in them all!

On top of his many gracious commendations from the world and national and international accolades in recognition of his personal excellence and outstanding contribution to the community, he was also an external member of the National Committee on Youth Guidance & Rehabilitation (NYGR) network under Ex-Minister Ho Peng Kee in 2010. Currently, he is nominated as a Council Member with the National Youth Council for his recognition among youths-at-risk in Singapore, waiting for confirmation.

David was an ex-gangster, who spent 8 years behind bars for gang-related activities. He found “transformation” during incarceration that propelled him to excel in his ‘N’, “O” & “A” levels behind the prison walls, using adversity to his advantage. David is now richly rewarded with coaching experiences and knowledge in the ‘At-Risk’ domain. He successfully graduated with Bachelors of Social Sciences at Singapore Management University and with Double Majors in Psychology and Organizational Behaviour- Human Resources (OBHR). He holds a complete Advance Certificate in Training & Assessment (A.C.T.A.), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (N.L.P) Practitioner certification and also has certifications for Quit-Smoking Consultant, Suicide Prevention (S.O.S), Mental Health First Aid (M.H.F.A.) & Restorative Practices (R.P).

David executes and coaches in Study-Skills mastery, Personal mastery, Career mastery, Service mastery, Risk & Resilient mastery programs for personal and social development through the empowerments of life & soft skills, academic-strategy skills, service-learning, career-strategy, personal grooming, socio-emotional skills, mentoring, leadership, youth-development, ex-offenders reintegration and others. He has impacted with more than thousand students over just the period of 2012 and more than three two thousand students in secondary schools through workshops, camps and assembly talks in 2013! David has impacted many individuals, youths, caregivers, teachers, families, and in schools, forums, conferences, churches and organizations like M.S.F. David is into training youths, adults and youths-at-risk, prisoners and ex-offenders and he also coaches parents and/or individuals. In his team, he also trains and provides other inspiring ex-offenders to motivate, train, educate and empower the world.

He launched his Autobiography “From Adversity To University” in May 2013 to help individuals from all walks of life to find hope from adversity. He is also striving towards international impact with his influence. David King is advancing on his second book & third book to revolutionize many more lives to come. On top of that, David is opening a new drama hub to empower the youths in Singapore through the arts.