"From Adversity to University" tells a very captivating, brutally honest yet awe-inspiring story of the life of David King. In his book, King takes us back in time to his past as a deliquent, through vivid narrations of being a rebellious, unthinking youth which resulted him to ferry between one court trial to another. We were also given a spectacle of what it is like living in prison, where King was led to repentance through the pursuit of a new religious faith and a newfound academic goal.

King's book is a good investment for those in need of motivation and inspiration, as he successfully presents himself as a product of hope and perserverance through his story. As his book title suggests, King is indeed a living example of transformation as he discloses the secrets of his success in getting pass 'adversity' into a life of brilliant possibilities: 'University'. At the end of every chapter, (symbolising the different stages of his life) King also dedicated a reflection corner to parents, as he recognises parental negligence and the failure to communicate as key reasons for troubled youths, making his book an even worthier read.

-Lena Loke, Millennia Institute


Hello!! I have finish the book today and it is amazing!! Not only that it is inspiring, it have phrases that I may use for my essays and words that I am not sure which can add more vocab in my head. Hope I can do miracles as well... Thank you for the book...The part whereby you achieve 5 distinctions even though you studied on your own. It really shows that if you wanna achieve something, it’s only us that can change our fate and that the people around us can only help a bit only...They’ll obviously be inspired and that no one can obstruct their journey if their determination is strong.”

~Nyza Aymymanyza, Sec 4 Junyuan Secondary Student.
I just finished reading the whole book . The only story book that i can finish in 1 day . Really inspiring seeing you go through life in prison and how you managed to stay positive and become like an inspiring idol for younger generation like us . Cant wait for your next book. I learned that though we sometimes encounter difficulties in our studies , we should never give up .. We must always plan our goals specifically . Like instead of just planning to go to university , we should plan to finish our time in university with good results. Lastly , I just learn to be someone who is positive because i just wanna be like you and prove everyone who keeps on looking down on me wrong.”

~Bur Haziqah, a Secondary 4 Junyuan Secondary student who finished the entire book in just a few hours.
I really luv your book!!! I’m not really a bookworm and by taking a book and reading to the end means the book is really captivating and interesting! I am truly inspired on how u succeed through many odd circumstances and admired how u pick yourself up and focus in your dreams of fulfilling your education despite many hardships you have went through! I really enjoyed reading it “

~Kennard Chia, an “O” level student from St Andrew’s Secondary
Hello David King, I just finished reading your marvelous book! I have not been reading a book for a long long time , and I just took 2 evenings to read such a touching n fascinating book. My money well spent! Your calling to help the people in need is really noble and your journey to academic success is remarkable ! A must read for all children who are either taking exams or consider joining gangs!”

~Katheriene, a Mother of two teenage boys who are studying in St Andrew’s & SJI